Best Circular Saw Review

We have looked at various saws and what features you should look for in them and which ones(features) that most folks will not need. You should be asking yourself what will I be using this saw for? If your wanting a saw for a weekend deck project and then rarely use it again then look more at pricing.
If your going to be using this for years to come such as I have a house that I will be remodeling, I am a carpenter, ect then move pricing down a few notches on the “must have list” as there are other factors to consider to make the best choice for your power tool. I have found out thru the years that the quality of the tool far outshines the price paid.

Our Circular Saw Reviews of Top Brands

Milwaukee  | Bosch  | Makita | Rockwell | Porter Cable | Ridgid | Dewalt


Best Circular Saw – What you should look for

Depends on what you are going to do with the saw. For the few times per year the homeowner/DIYer uses a saw you can get a cheaper saw of lower quality. If you building a deck, or perhaps going to start remodeling your home, then you want something that will last, it will cost more, but you get more quality. If your just starting out as a carpenter get a higher quality saw, as for the years of use you get for a quality saw  most will forget about the price paid.

What Type of Saw Do I Need?

Unless your a carpenter I would stay away form the worm drive saws. They are not a novice saw and it takes someone to show you how to use it.

What Size Blade?

7 1/4 is best all around as they blades are easy to find and the price is usually lower than some of the 6.25,  5″ saw blades. Plus you get more depth of cut.

The Amps and  RPMs – What is need in AMPS?

The RPM (revolutions  per minute)  or the motor speed is another important factor to consider.  The faster a motor can spin (RPM) the more air it can draw in through the motor openings/vents to help keep it cool. 

AMP “A tools amp rating indicates the electrical current load a motor can carry for an indefinite period of time without degrading the insulation and other electrical compounds of the motor.” (from Power tools guide)

Standard RPMs 5800 plus

Amp ratings 15 and up.

So amps measures or indicates the maximum time a tool can continuously run without overheating .15 amps is min that any quality power saw  should have unless its some type of mini saw.


What features should I look for?

The Bevel and depth handle/levers

bevelhandleBeveling or mitering handle should be one that is easy to use and with clear easy to read graduations (degrees of the bevel) and quick to set.depthlever

Depth lever should be sturdy and again easy to use, as both of these will get many many adjustments.


The Shoe Base

aluminum-shoe The way the shoe is made and what it is made of will effect the longevity of your investment,Best shoes are made of aluminum, are lighter in weight and have the ability to stay flat longer, giving years of great cutting.It can reflect the quality of the rest of the saw



stampshoe_The stamped shoe is fine if your going to use the saw a few times per year, but does not hold up well in everyday common use, yields hard to control cutting, and is a sign of “cheaper” quality in the rest of the saw.




Other items  to look for that show the best quality of a circular power saw:

The power cord and cable sleeve A cable sleeve helps prevent broken or pulled  wires in the saw. Should be soft rubber, not stiff.

Weight- industrial- heavy duty saws can weight more (not always) as there is more to it than the lower quality models. 10 plus pounds is common. Worm drives can be 20 pds!

Case – if this is going to last and cut straight straight then get a case with the saw

Warranty – most power tools have a 90 day replacement/fix warranty. Higher quality can come with several years of  coverage. Buy and extended warranty if you are only covered less than 1 yr.