Makita Skil Saw Findings

The Makita Tools Co is a very well know brand and has been a top provider of power tools for many years. In 1950 they started marketing 1000 portable electric planers in Japan, althought the beginnings go back much further.1969 they started making battery drills.2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Makita. Their circular saws have always been good in quality and was one of the first professional power saws that I used. They also make table saw, cordless drills,sanders,ect. The bright green cover has been around for sometime.



Makita 5007f

Makita 5007F 7-1/4-Inch Circular SawThis saw was built with long durability in mind and  some design features were from the men who use it. This is a very good choice for a pro or someone who is doing several building projects. At 11 pounds it provides more than enough power with the 15 amp motor that turns at 5800 pm. The 5007f’s heavy duty aluminum base shoe helps to give top notch cutting. The cord and sleeve are a soft rubber and the motor bearings are solid for years of use.

For the price the quality cannot possibly  be beat. 5007f circular saw

has a bilt in dust blower to keep cutting free.Good line of cut/blade visibility .

This comes with 24T Carbide-Tipped M Force Blade, Blade Wrench, and a rip Fence . This also has 2 built-in L.E.D. lights to help in seeing your cutting line in dim light. The Makita skil saw is hard to beat  all round.



  • Depth 2-3/8″ at 90°, 1-3/4″ at 45°
  • 95 reviews 4-1/2 stars out of 5




Makita circular saw 5007mg

Makita circular saw 5007mgThe Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch circular saw is bigger in dimensions compare to the 5007f but stills weight in at only 10 1/2 pounds, its still a lightweight saw. It has a  rubber cushion on top of the handle, and a level to set the angle of the bevel. the saw will cut 2 1/2″ in depth at 90 deg and can cut a bevel up to 56 degs and the detents have positive stops at 22-1/2 and 45 degs. The base shoe is marked in the front for easy to read ruler numbers. This is a great all round saw and one you will get years of use out of.  This saw feels and is an industrial saw and is one of the top rated for the home owner to own. Comes with blade, hex blade wrench, rip fence and tool case





  • Amps 15
  • Rpm 5800
  • Blade size 7-1/4″
  • Warranty 1 yr

Makita 5007mg vs 5007mga – The comparison differances is in the extra features that the 5007MG has over the 5007MGA, and is reflected in the pricing

5007mga has a brake which is useful for most, and help give an extra safety feature.


Makita Cordless Circular Saw

Cordless or battery power saw just make good sense now that we have “super” batteries such as Lithium-Ion. Jobs can be done quicker as your not dragging a cord around and looking for a place to plugin. The power of the new battery saws is more than enough to get done and Makita makes some  the best cordless circular saws.They have several models and one of the first 7-1/4 saws one the market.


Makita BSS610Z


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